July 20, 2020

University College Fairview – UCF

University College Fairview (UCF) was established on  21st Oct 2015 with the noble intention of helping  the nation to be recognised as a hub for excellent education as well as to  eventually help export the Malaysian brand of education abroad.

UCF which is fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, has also formally receive an agreement from IBO for the IB educator certificates (IBEC) for programmes offered by UCF. 

UCF which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Education, is a training institution that works closely with renowned educational bodies such as the World International Baccalaureate Organisation and University Malaya, the country’s oldest university.

UCF’s collaboration with University Malaya’s Institute of Educational Leadership, whereby it will act as UCF’s Teaching & Learning Research Partner, allowing UCF to achieve its goal to help train teachers in accordance with International Teacher Regulatory Bodies.

UCF prides itself as more than just another university college for it is established along with the Fairview network of IB world schools throughout the Asia Pacific region. The Fairview IB World Schools serve as the school of apprenticeship, wherein the student teachers will spend a substantial portion of their time in the classrooms under the guidance of their mentors, instructors and specialist teachers. The Integrated Curriculum training programme at UCF aims to holistically combine lectures and classroom practical training.

The Fairview International school network system also provides relevant areas for research especially for longitudinal studies on classroom pedagogy, curriculum development, best teaching practices, educational psychology, cross-cultural and inter-cultural studies, leadership co-curriculum and other educational-related research focus. Research results from these studies in authentic classrooms can benefit both local and international researchers and the education field.

UCF intends to share knowledge gained through research at seminars and conferences and through publications in local and international journals as part of the effort for world recognition.

UCF: www.ucf.edu.my