February 18, 2016


From this Taekwondo tournament, I had participated in two events – Free sparring and patterns. I had got Bronze medal for the first event and a silver medal for the second event. I have learned not to give up and as an IB student; I applied my IB learner profile of integrity. During my matches, I did my best and put all my effort as I want to win and earn some fame or a position. I am still not satisfied that I won only two medals but I am happy I got a chance to participate in a Taekwondo tournament outside the school. I have got injured in my ankle during the tournament but I tried my best to complete it. I hope I can do better in the next Taekwondo tournament.

– Shresth Sohaney (Grade 6)

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with a heavy emphasis on kicks. When I first joined Taekwondo club as a member, I have to wear white uniform and white belt because new members have to wear white belt colour. The belt colour will change when we pass our graded exams. The most important part in learning taekwondo is that we need to learn patterns (steps) that are specified for each belt and one can only pass the exam if they learned the patterns completely and perform them correctly. I realized that I need to be more courageous and confident in learning and performing the patterns as it involves extreme movements in it. I faced lots of challenges while getting used to the practices in the sessions and when the coach taught us the basic kicking. I learned that I need to be open-minded and improve my self- management skills in order to overcome my challenges. Learning the pattern for each belt was one of the challenging parts that I faced. But finally, I managed to overcome it after practicing at home based on what I have learned in the sessions and I passed the exam. After that, I was presented with yellow belt.

The reason I join Taekwondo club is that I want to learn how to fight back courageously and defend myself and others from attacks. My current belt colour is green tip, and the name of my pattern is Do-San. With full confidence, I hope I will successfully pass the upcoming exams. throughout the journey in Taekwondo, I really have a lot of fun and met lots of new friends. I am thankful to my school for providing me these opportunities. Taekwondo is a new challenge of my life and I am going to conquer it..

– Ng Jin En (Grade 10)