February 22, 2016

Table Tenis

Table Tennis club is a club where we play and practice the sport table tennis. Table Tennis is all about speed and control. We are encouraged to practice our skills and sportsmanship. Table Tennis club is all about practicing our skills, teamwork and last but not least is to have fun!

– Evan Benjamin De La Cruz (Grade 8 Yellow)

Table Tennis has been very enjoyable so far and we have been able to hone our skills as Table Tennis players. We have practised our sportsmanship when playing against each other, and improved our technical skill from the hours we have practised. Also, we still manage to have fun.

– Russell W. Tan (Grade 8 Green)

About Us :-
Total members:
President: H’ng Yan Shan (Grade 8 Green)
Vice President: Goh Shao Zhi (Grade 8 Green)
Secretary: Sanjevanshan a/l Shanmugan (Grade 8 Yellow)
Editorial board: Russell W. Tan (Grade 8 Green), Adithya Logarajah (Grade 8 Green), Lee Jian Zhe (Grade 8 Yellow)
Teacher Advisor: Ms. Mabel
Coach: Mr. Tan