January 13, 2016

Vision & Mission

A Rich Academic Programme
A curriculum based on the best research evidence and on successful teaching and learning strategies for children of diverse backgrounds and learning needs.

A Community School
A vibrant centre for educational, recreational, cultural and social programmes for children and adults in an international community which draws upon and contributes to the vitality of the international community through an innovative and focused curriculum.

A Unique Professional Development Focus
A culture of continuous professional growth for all staff, Fairview functions as a “Hub” for educators throughout the world, regularly engaging teachers in a wide range of learning opportunities that promote ongoing professional growth..

Our Mission

Fairview International School aims to be a vibrant centre for educational, personal and social growth in the world providing a rich academic curriculum for children in the local and international community.

Through the use of best practices in teaching and learning, Fairview International School will educate, motivate and inspire students in an educational environment that stimulates learning in a nurturing social and emotional climate.

Fairview school is committed to raising the standards of education not only in its schools but in the region through continuous training and development in the best possible teaching pedagogies.