August 9, 2019



Fairview International School’s (FIS) International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, has again maintained its perfect score of 100 per cent pass rate. This is an achievement, unrivaled by its peers in Malaysia.

The FIS pass rate of 100 per cent,  easily outshine the global average pass rate of  79.37 per cent and the 89.7 per cent pass rate in the Asia Pacific region.

“We have achieved a 100 per cent pass rate here thanks to my dedicated teacher colleagues, who constantly go the extra mile to prepare students for the rigorous IBDP exams,” said Dr Vincent Chian, the principal of FIS.

In 2019’s IBDP results, FIS candidates held steady our four year average of 35.41 points, surpassing the world average score of 29.6 and the Asia Pacific average of 34.  

Some 15 per cent of FIS candidates scored 40 points and above, as opposed  to a mere 5 per cent worldwide. Also, 52 per cent of the FIS candidates scored 6 and above, including an average of 6 in Physics HL, Chemistry SL and 6.5 in Economics SL.

“These achievements allow our students to follow the path of their choice, be it into higher education, apprenticeships or other further training. A significant number of our students will now progress to some of the top universities in the world,” Dr Vincent Chian explained.

For example, Mr. Brian Surin, a Fairview thoroughbred student who scored a healthy 42 points, will be going to the London School of Economics to study Mathematics with Economics.

Why do your IBDP@ Fairview

  1. We are more than a college. We provide you with a family atmosphere which allows you to thrive on fresh challenges, without the fear of failure.
  2. Our lecturers are approachable, friendly and top notch. 
  3. We have top-notch learning and sporting facilities to provide you with the right sort of balance, that will help you achieve your aspirations and bring out the real potential in you.
  4. Most of our students pursue their university education on full or partial scholarships, due to their excellent results. Our alumni include those who have completed their studies or are currently studying at King’s College London (Dentistry), New York University – Abu Dhabi (Economics – Sound Engineering), King’s College London (Law),  University of Queensland (Data Analytics) and National University of Singapore (Computational Biology).

The IBDP @ Fairview gives you the edge in terms of: 

  1. University Credits: If you score a 7 (the highest grade) in a Higher Level subject, you may receive credits you can use against a basic level subject during your first year of university. For example, a 7 in the IB at Higher Level Business Management may mean you can skip a Introduction to Business subject in your first year in university.
  2. Extended Essay: Why wait until you reach university, when you can start grooming yourself to write university-level research papers at Fairview. At Fairview, IB Diploma students are required to write a 4,000-word research essay which is structured similar to university-level independent research. Students are encouraged to write an original essay based on the subject they are taking. The essay must be supported by data collection, analysis of the data concerned plus key findings from the above-mentioned data.
  3. CAS or  Community Activity Service is a non-academic, mandatory subject, aimed at helping to mould well-rounded individuals. Here, our students get involved with and in their local community to find ways to improve society at large.
  4. Conceptual Emphasis:  Here, we test your conceptual and practical understanding of a subject as opposed to rote-learning. The rationale for this is to lead you on a journey of self-development and discovery, in order for you to be able to apply the concepts that you have mastered in real life and new situations.
  5. Theory of Knowledge: Theory of Knowledge (TOK) creates an interdisciplinary link. TOK challenges you to question what you know, and how you know it. Theory of Knowledge is assessed through a 1,600 essay, as well as an oral presentation.

Our results speaks for itself. Get in touch with our student counsellors to find out more about the nation’s best International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

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