February 29, 2020

Fairview Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Will you join us in supporting a good cause?

Fairview is proud to introduce a series of charitable activities and events under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’s initiatives.

‘All about Jazz’ 

Enjoy jazz music and support a good cause at the same time?

Join us at ‘All About Jazz’ concert…
# Jazz workshop and concert
# Booths by NGOs
# music and love for animals

Proceeds will be donated to non-profit organisations to support their effort in saving stray animals.

For more information / to purchase tickets:

KL/SJ – +60109218023
PG – +60102858023
JB – +60102348023
IP – +60174040082

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Mitsuo Takahashi

Band Leader

(Alto Saxophone)

Takahashi travelled widely in the States,playing and experimenting with local jazz musicians. His contribution was recognized by the Mayor, winning him the “Honorable Citizenship” of New Orleans. Currently, he runs his own jazz studio and plays regularly in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Kenji Maeda


Maeda has been performing for over 40 years. His hobby started in his college years, but it was his passion for drumming that perfected his competence…right through his working life in the automotive industry. Maeda plays regularly with jazz and banjo bands in Tokyo. Although Dixieland jazz is his love, occasionally he varies his percussion in a *washboard. If he is not ‘jazzing’ Maeda would keep fit with running and skipping.

Chuck Fukuzawa

(Double Bass)

In his college days, Fukuzawa developed a strong liking to the traditional Dixieland jazz. But his career with YKK Zipper brought him all over the world. As a matter of fact,he acquired the stage name of ‘Chuck’ which means ‘zipper’ in Japanese,thereafter replacing his first name… Hiroaki. His popularity as a Dixieland jazz performer has brought him audience in China & Taiwan. He now regularly plays for “Doctor Dixie Saints” & “Surfside Stomp”.

Jiro Miyado


Miyado started playing the guitar in junior high school. One day,he chanced upon some Afro American blues & soul ; was overwhelmed and thought that this is it! In later years,he moved towards the unique brand of New Orleans Jazz and Swing. He plays both the electric as well as the acoustic guitars and is actively performing in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Tsunekazu Matsudaira


As a school boy,Matsudaira was fascinated with jazz. But his career with KDDI Corp made him travel all over the world. He now frequently performs at jazz clubs in Tokyo and occasionally in front of dignitaries which include the Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Atsuko Mishima


If you are at the annual jazz festivals in Shinjuku and Yokohama, you will not miss the lovely face of Mishima stomping away at the keyboard. Living overseas (Riyadh,Saudi Arabia & Jakarta) has surely added flavour to her jazz repertoire. Currently, she teaches jazz  techniques at clubs in Yokohama. If she is not jazzing, you’ll find her mountain climbing,gardening or volunteer works.

Haruka Kawasumi(Saeko)


Also known as the ‘singing dentist’,Kawasumi is a multi-talented lady who occasionally holds solo art exhibitions at the Ginza art galleries. Endowed with a beautiful voice,her popularity finds her frequently at the annual Shinjuku Jazz Festival and is a sought after performer at jazz clubs in Tokyo. Kawasumi has a beautiful heart too,taking joy in entertaining inmates of nursing homes once in a while.


This workshop will be facilitated by the musicians from the Tokyo Swing Fighters band. We welcome musicians who want to explore/learn how to improvise their pieces into Jazz.

If you play one of the following instruments, you may join the jazz workshop:

  1. Clarinet

  2. Trumpet

  3. Trombone

  4. Flute

  5. String Bass

  6. Guitar

  7. Vocals

  8. Saxophone

Skills required for workshop participants:

  • Basic skills in playing the instruments listed above

  • Knows and able to play chords

  • Bring your own instrument to the workshop. No renting or sharing of instruments.

For workshop participants, we will need to note down the following information.


Mobile Number:



Booths are available for viewing / shopping.

To book a booth, please contact enquiries@fairview.edu.my or any of the ticketing officer. 

2. Mutts and Mittens
3. Animal merchandise  (to be confirmed)
4. Jazz music merchandise (to be confirmed)


For more information / to purchase tickets:

KL/SJ – +60109218023
PG – +60102858023
JB – +60102348023
IP – +60174040082

Take a glimpse of what is in store:-


Anticipated pieces (subject to change)
Theme: Friendship ‘Animal’s are our best friends’
 Song title  Composer
 Perdido  Juan Tizol
 Sentimental journey  Les Brown, Ben Homer
 Comes love  Sam H. SteptF:FC:EC:DB10C:C:G
 Star fell on Alabama  Frank Perkins
 On the sunny side of the street*  Jimmy McHugh
 When you wish upon a star*  Sammy Fain
 Yes, sir! That’s my baby  Walter Donaldson
 Crazy rhythm  Joseph Meyer, Roger Wolfe Kahn
 Humoresque  Antonín Leopold Dvořák
 Sail along silvery moon  Percy Wenrich
 Platanus road
 Yukihiko Haida
 When you’re smiling  Larry Shay, Mark Fisher, Joe Goowin
 Moonlight represents my heart
(月亮代表我的心 )
 Weng Ching-hsi
 Stranger on the shore  Acker Bilk
 Sukiyaki  Hachidai Nakamura
 That’s what friends are for  Burt Bacharach