January 20, 2016

Our Journey

Serving the Malaysian International Community since 1978, Fairview is a global network of 5 schools currently located across Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Subang, Johor and Ipoh). Four of our schools are authorised IB World Schools for children aged 3 – 19, with the fifth, Fairview Ipoh at candidate stage. Fairview has grown from 300 IB students in one campus to over 3000 students from 55 countries and a teaching faculty over 300 teachers spanning across 5 campuses. Our network of schools are authorised for 10 IB Programmes, making us the champion of IB Education in Malaysia.

The time tested UK National Curriculum forms the backbone of our educational programme within the IB Curriculum Framework. The Fairview experience grounded by core pedagogies like inquiry based learning, Concept based teaching and learning and trans-disciplinary pedagogy make for a truly unique and formidable educational journey.

A Centre of Distinction for IB Education

The belief that ‘good teachers make for good learning’ is deeply ingrained into the Fairview ethos. Teachers are nurtured through an advanced systematic professional development programme.  Lifelong learning takes on a new meaning at Fairview as teachers and learners both learn together and from each other! Every year, over 40 teachers are recognised for their contribution to the school by being offered a Masters in Education Full Scholarship in association with Sheffield Hallam University (UK). With over 120 Masters students in Fairview at any one time, lifelong learning, a unique culture that believes in continuous personal development, self-efficacy and pushing the boundaries of education is fostered. At Fairview we believe it is only when our educators approach education with humility, an open mind and excitement at the possibilities within that we may be able to unlock the potential in the students placed in our charge.

The 2015 results of the IB Diploma programme bear testimony to the unique Fairview culture. By committing to the delivery of a holistic academic programme integrating the development of skills (Approaches to Learning – ATL), values (Learner Profile) and experiential learning (Community, Action, Service – CAS), we are able to nurture learners who are academically inspirational and holistically balanced. Our students achieved outstanding results with the highest score being 42 out of the maximum of 45. While the world average stood at 30, Fairview’s average was a stunning 36 with 61 % of our students gaining either 6 or 7 points out of the maximum of 7 and a 100% pass rate.

In 2015, our students expectedly received offers and scholarships for admittance at world renowned universities like London School of Economics (Scholarship – Economics), Kings College (Scholarship – Dentistry), University of British Columbia (Scholarship – Engineering) and University of Melbourne (Scholarship – Chemical Engineering).

Fairview – Where Learning Never Stops

Annual Expeditions to local and international destinations bring learning outside the 4 classroom walls, creating contextual connections to the educational experiences. Students bring home invaluable experiences as they scale the Great Wall of China whilst empathizing with the incredible sacrifices borne by the labourers, all the time making connections between cause and causation, finally reflecting on its relevance to the current day.

Students at Fairview are introduced to the concept of international–mindedness from the many Fairs, Celebrations, and Food Festivals held in the School. However, to truly internalize the concept, the student organise FairMUN (Model United Nations) conference that brings together over 300 students from around the region to discuss, challenge and explore the many impossible decisions made by world leaders. Fairview also organized the World Scholars Cup competition, bringing over 3000 students together from around the world to KL.

The Fairview Difference

  • Fairview is the first and largest network of International Schools in Malaysia offering the three IB programmes exclusively.
  • A structured curriculum and an experienced leadership team guarantees that the learning programme is solid and indisputable.
  • Differentiated programmes, enhancement and remedial classes with special attention to different English language abilities, ensures that every child’s individual need is taken care of.
  • Our comfortable student teaching ratio of 1:10 allows for personalised and close relationships to be built with of every child in our care.
  • External examinations namely, The Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoint, The International Competition and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), the Cambridge IGCSE are offered so as to benchmark the performance internationally.
  • Each student is actively involved in the many Community and Service opportunities including environmental projects, projects to help the under privileged, charity events as well as many overseas service learning projects like providing assistance to poor schools in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
  • A compulsory community and service  component that inculcates international mindedness binds the whole school community together in making the world a better place with projects such as environment protection, working with the disadvantaged locally and overseas, charity events and many other such activities. Classroom learning transforms into real life learning experiences as our over 1000 MYP students embark on bi – annual expeditions to local and overseas destinations where in addition to on site assignments and assessments, students are engaged in doing their bit for humanity. Students received lessons in life with exposures to Kathmandu in Nepal, Beijing/Harbin/Hangzhou  in China, Siem Reap in Cambodia and Lake Toba in Indonesia to name a few.
  • The Fairview family of teachers hail from over 30 countries and comprise of IB Examiners, workshop leaders and School Visiting members. Pedagogical expertise is abundant, with 8 Concept-Based Teaching and Learning (CBTL) certified trainers from the Lynn Erickson Training Institute.
  • Lifelong learning is a core philosophy at Fairview and teachers are provided opportunities through weekly training programmes, teacher conferences and professional learning communities. The Cambridge International Diploma for Teaching and Learning (CIDTL) is compulsory and fully sponsored programme by the school.
  • As part of supporting the teaching fraternity, Fairview actively participate in local and international conferences. Fairview teachers contributed to the IB community by sharing best practices in the Approaches to Learning Skills (ATL Skills) with the Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Darwin in 2014 free of charge.
  • Through Collaboration with University College Fairview (UCF), teachers are able to take up post graduate studies leading to the IB Teaching & Learning Certificate award.

Mandarin as a Priority

Recognising the growing importance of Mandarin as a global language, we have initiated differentiated instruction for students to experience a highly structured phased Mandarin programme. The richness of Chinese culture and history is incorporated into this incredible learning journey in Mandarin.