September 24, 2019

Everyone’s a Musician

Fairview International School is proud to lead the way in music, to showcase both creativity and passion.Studying music in Fairview is both broad in the contrasting music styles and enlightening in depth as a specialist study.‘Everyone’s a Musician’ was introduced in August 2016. Music instrumental was introduced to all five campuses – from zero to success across Malaysia and beyond. It is noted for its excellence at world conferences within just 2 years of implementation. Our music team of 28 teachers, will be delighted to tell you more…

A music student in Fairview will attend two lessons, which is equivalent to three hours, a week. Lessons are all connected to the scope of learning under the IB framework. These lessons are within the normal school hours and allocated within the class timetable.

‘Everyone’s a Musician’ is designed with modern learning approaches in mind.Other subjects, including math, science, history and up to FIVE languages are hidden behind those musical notes. Fairview’s heritage of music is inspired from China and Central Asia, Classical European and across a corridor of countries, from Eastern to Western culture.There is an outstanding collaboration during classes – demonstrating openness throughout discussions and creative fusion among peers.

There are many researches and reports showing music can assist in improving academic results, even for subjects not related to music.Practical, Theory, Medals exams are mapped out across the ‘Everyone’s a Musician’ programme, by the top global exit examination boards.

A personalized curriculum for a 21st century inquisitive learner, that creates harmonious natural progression throughout the following programmes:

  • Early Years Programme (Kindergarten)
  • Primary Years Programme (Primary)
  • Middle Years Programme (Secondary)
    forth-coming IB Career-Related Programme/ IB Diploma Programme (Pre University)

TEACHERS are continuously learning! A Musician, an Artist, a Coach – INSPIRING others.