Scholarship & Fees

How much does it cost?

MOE Approved Course Fee = RM40,000 Application Fee = RM1,000
NCUK Registration Fee = £1,500 NCUK Exam Fee = £1,000
Enrollment Fee = RM2,500

Download a guide to the 2018/19 undergraduate scholarships available for students applying to NCUK universities.

NCUK, in collaboration with NCUK universities and the Northern Consortium, is pleased to offer a range of scholarships and awards. Terms and conditions apply to all awards and scholarships. Please contact the appropriate NCUK University directly should you have any queries regarding scholarships within this document.

A) NCUK IFY @ Fairview B) NCUK Prize Awards and Scholarships to do your degree programme in the UK

Fairview have a wide range of attractive packages for Malaysian top scholars as follows:

  • RM 8,000 for each grade A
  • RM 5,000 for each grade B

4A’s @ RM 8,000 = RM 32,000 scholarship
4B’s @ RM 5,000 = RM 20,000 scholarship
2A’s + 2B’s = RM 26,000 scholarship

Each year, NCUK awards prizes to students with the best academic results from the NCUK global network. The annual prize found exceeds £50,000 and individual prizes range from £250 to £1,000. NCUK hosts an annual Prize Award Ceremony in the UK during November to showcase the achievements of the top students.

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