About NCUK

About NCUK

  • NCUK is unique in UK higher education.
  • NCUK is a consortium of leading universities dedicated to giving international students guaranteed access to universities and helping students succeed when they get there.
  • NCUK qualifications are recognised by NCUK universities and by most others across the UK, including many in the Russell Group (UK’s Ivy League), and also by universities internationally.
  • Since 1987, NCUK has helped over 30,000 international students gain guaranteed access to leading UK universities.

The Northern Consortium is a charity founded in 1987 to facilitate access to British education for international students. The Northern Consortium was established by a group of forward thinking universities in the north of England. The group, keen to share their knowledge and experience, stablished one of the earliest examples of transnational education.

As a result, tens of thousands of students have benefitted from access to international education over the last thirty years. In 2003, the Northern Consortium, established its wholly-owned subsidiary, NCUK, to continue to create opportunities internationally that improve access to higher education for students globally.

The Northern Consortium’s core charitable object is the advancement of education which it pursues through the activities of NCUK, and directly through the provision of scholarships, awards and investments in the international education market.

NCUK was founded by of 11 UK universities in order to help international students achieve a place on a UK degree programme. They deliver pathway programmes that allow you to gain the skills and qualifications you need to succeed at university.

Why study the Fairview IFY?

NCUK is a unique organisation with a 30 Year track record. Their qualifications are specially designed with our universities to give international students the skills they need to succeed at university. As a university consortium, NCUK can also offer our students a guaranteed place on thousands of degree courses at leading universities the IFY has ‘standard’ streams in Business, Engineering, and Science. All NCUK streams are created in conjunction with their founding universities, and all of them are designed to give students the skills needed to get their UK studies off to a flying start.

Fairview is the only institution in Malaysia authorised to offer the NCUK programme. Students who pass their qualification are guaranteed a place at an NCUK university and can choose from thousands of degree courses.

NCUK - Fairview

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