Student Application Form and Contract

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  • 2 Parent's / Guardian's Details
  • 3 Student's Education Background
  • 4 Student's Health Record
  • 5 Billing Details
  • 6 General Information
  • 7 Contract Terms And conditions of Enrollment

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Eg:  Kiat Shing,   Mohd yahaya,  Ravi Kumar
Eg:  Ong,  Mohd Nazrul,  A/L Sukumar

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Contract Terms and Conditions

I have personally read and understood the same and I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions

Tuition and Other Fees

  • All fees must be paid within 10 days of commencement of each semester, without exception;

  • A late-payment charge of RM 200 per invoice will be imposed if there is a delay in payment of fees after the 10th day of commencement of each semester

  • If there is delay in payment of fees after commencement of each semester, the School may suspend the student concerned from the 20th day onwards until full payment is made and a penalty charge of RM 500 will be imposed on that student;

  • If there is delay in the payment of fees, the School may terminate the enrolment of the student concerned on the 30th day of commencement of each semester if full payment of fees is not received and in addition, may in its sole discretion, forfeit the security deposit.

  • The School may at its sole discretion issue reminders and warning letters on the non-payment of fees but the requirement to make payment of fees within the time stipulated remains whether or not there is a reminder notice sent by the School.

  • School fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable.

Security Deposit

  • The Security Deposit equivalent to two semester fees must be maintained throughout the tenure of the students in the School and shall at no time be treated as fee payment or any set off. The School may, in its discretion, on a case by case basis, collect a portion of the Security Deposit that is due and payable, and may grant a moratorium on the balance outstanding of the said Security Deposit, which becomes payable upon demand being made by notice in writing by the School, in which event, the said balance portion outstanding of the Security Deposit becomes immediately due and payable on the date specified in such notice from the School

  • The amount of Security Deposit required shall be adjusted to reflect the current semester fee of the student concerned and is refundable without interest, at the end of the student’s study or upon withdrawal from the School subject to the following conditions being fully observed :-

    • There are no outstanding fees or monies due to the School from the student concerned

    • The School in its sole discretion determines that no harm/damages/ breakages to any person or School asset is attributable to the student concerned;

    • There is full compliance of the Withdrawal Notice as stated in Section below.

  • The Security Deposit and any fees paid upon confirmation of enrolment with the School shall be forfeited and will not be refunded in the event of any student not attending classes and/or not attending School and/or withdrawing enrolment and/or discontinuing enrolment after having accepted the offer of a place in the School.

  • Any refunds of Security Deposit, if any, will be made in the name of the parent/guardian/ company that is being billed the invoice of this student as written in the STUDENT APPLICATION FORM AND CONTRACT.

  • All claims for refund of Security Deposit shall be made within one (1) year from the date the relevant student ceases to be a student of the School, and henceforth the right to so claim shall automatically cease.

Withdrawal Notice

  • Withdrawal Notice must be in writing and must be made by way of personal delivery to the School or by AR Registered post, and in both cases, the withdrawal will only take effect on the date that the same is duly acknowledged as received by the School. Time is of the essence.

  • The School receives sufficient notice of withdrawal of the child, which is: ONE FULL academic semester notice in writing must be received in advance by the School before the withdrawal of the child of enrolment, to constitute sufficient notice of withdrawal, failing which the security deposit described in Section 2.0 above shall be forfeited in full at the discretion of the School.

Place in School

  • Upon enrolment, a place in the School shall be reserved for the period of one (1) month for the student concerned, after which, the School reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of the child from the School and to give the seat concerned to other students and any fees paid shall be forfeited.

General Terms

  • The School reserves the right upon giving notice of the same

    • To amend the fee structure and any other payments payable by the student

    • To remove/expel any student and/or prevent the parent/guardian of the student from entering the School premises for any reason at the sole and absolute discretion of the School including but not limited to the non-payment of fees as described above. In such a situation, the aforesaid security deposit will be forfeited. b) To remove/expel any student and/or prevent the parent/guardian of the student from entering the School premises for any reason at the sole and absolute discretion of the School including but not limited to the non-payment of fees as described above. In such a situation, the aforesaid security deposit will be forfeited.

    • To remove/expel/terminate the enrolment of any student that has been found to be suspended/de-registered from other School/s or to have a criminal record or is involved in immoral or illegal activities whether inside the School premises or outside or is otherwise deemed to be unfit at the School’s sole discretion, to remain in the School for any reason whatsoever. In such a situation, the aforesaid security deposit will be forfeited.

    • To remove or prevent parent/guardian from entering the School’s premises and/or suspend and/or terminate the enrolment of any students/s in the School if the School in its sole and absolute dicretion determines the said student and / or its parent/guardian and/or any other party interferes in or disrupts the smooth running of the School or its administration or the classes in the School in anyway whatsoever, including by way of organising pickets, boycotts, petitions or other similar activities, or is involved in making defamatory or disparaging remarks or statements about the School or its teachers and staff, or the management of the School. In such a situation, the aforesaid security deposit will be forfeited.

    • In the event, the School refuses admission, remove, expel and/or terminates any students from being a student with the School, the School shall not be liable in any way for any losses or difficulties whatsoever suffered by any party as a result of such discontinuance and any deposit paid shall be forfeited at the sole discretion of the School.

  • In the event of any medical emergency

    • The School is hereby authorized at its sole and absolute discretion, to seek medical attention for the student from the nearest available qualified medical practitioner or hospital and the School or its staff shall not be held responsible for whatsoever medical treatment administered to the student by such medical practitioner or hospital.

    • And the parent concerned shall settle all medical expenses incurred with respect to seeking medical treatment for the student immediately.

  • Students must abide by all academic, administrative and examination rules and regulations and policies of the School. 5.3 Students must abide by all academic, administrative and examination rules and regulations and policies of the School.

  • The School reserves the right to use a student’s personal information, photos, images, video recordings in any publicity and/or promotion exercise of the School. The scope of usage of this information may include the publishing of good examination results, the award of a prize or scholarship, any achievement, academic or otherwise, and the granting of access to his/her information by the Fairview Alumni.

  • Any notice required to be given by the School herein shall be deemed to have been given on the second (2nd) day after it has been sent by being handed to your child/ward in School or if sent by pre-paid ordinary post to the address of the student contained on the enrolment form or to the last known address as informed to the School in writing.

  • The School reserves the right to amend, annul, delete or add to the terms and conditions of enrolment from time to time and such amended terms and conditions shall be deemed to be applicable to all students enrolled in the School, irrespective of when any student enrolled in the School upon the School giving notice of such amended terms and conditions on the School’s website or by notice in School’s newsletter or other document from the School.

  • The parties intend for this Contract and the terms herein to be legally binding. This Contract will be executed in English. The use of any other language shall be for reference purposes only.

I                                                                    the undersigned parent/guardian of (child)      {{fname+" "+lname}}     confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the above terms and conditions contained herein and agree to be bound by all such terms and conditions.

I confirm that I have taken independent advice on this contract and the terms and conditions of enrolment and that no members of your staff have made any representation or given any promises or made any warranties or promises of any kind to me about the terms and conditions of enrolment in the School and I confirm that I understand English sufficiently to read and understood the contents of this contract with the School and/or I have had the contents of this document explained to me by my own representative and am satisfied that I understand its content. I hereby agree and confirm that this is NOT a consumer contract and is not subject to the Consumer Protection Act 1999.

I declare that all information provided in this application for enrolment is correct as at the date of application and I request that the above named be registered for enrolment at Fairview International School. I understand that we will be informed if and when a place becomes available. I will advise Fairview International School of any changes of address and contact details. I agree that if the information supplied by me above is untrue/ inaccurate, my child’s enrolment in the School may be terminated immediately by notice to me by the School and the Security Deposit paid by me may be forfeited in full by the School..

Further, I hereby declare that (child)     {{fname+" "+lname}}     has not been suspended or de-registered from other Schools or to have a criminal record.

Parent / Guardian


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